Singapore is a beautiful country with a high quality of living and first-class infrastructure. Boasting a world-class airport with excellent facilities and connections, as well as an efficient and extensive public transport network.

With approximately 5.69 million residents, Singapore has a diverse population consisting of Chinese, Malays, Indians, Eurasians, Caucasians and Asians of different origins. In fact, Singapore has one of the largest numbers of foreigners in the world. According to the Department of Statistics in 2015, 30% of the population in Singapore are foreigners.

DMC is Singapore’s leading business consultant and immigration services firm and fully licensed by Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower (MOM).  All the immigration services were also handled by Chartered Accountant and ACCA, UK.  We help entrepreneurs and foreign companies navigate Singapore’s immigration regulations when they want to explore immigration for themselves, their families or their staff.


Our details of immigration services will be the following:

  1. Application of Global Investor Programme (GIP)
  2. Application and renewal of Entrepreneur Pass (EntrePass).
  3. Application and renewal of Self-employed Employment pass.
  4. Application and renewal of Employment pass (EP)and Specialized Pass (SPASS)
  5. Application and renewal of Dependent and Long-Term Visit Pass.
  6. Application of Permanent Residence (PR).
  7. Citizenship Application.
  8. Any other short time pass.

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